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Armed with cutting-edge expertise and years of finely-honed experience, Razor stand ready to carve out your niche in the digital domain.

Recruiting and assembling an in-house team can be a blunt affair. Why not pass the baton to Razor and watch them whip your web presence into breathtaking shape? Let's cut to the chase—with Razor, you're simply... sharper.

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We've worked with dozens of clients to bring life to their internal and external dream applications. From CRMs, to Booking Software, to bespoke built internal social networks—Nothing's off the table.

Leveraging our stack of choice, featuring Laravel, Vue, Inertia, and more, allows us to unlock your potential of your product. Prefer something else? Just let us know!


Love Wordpress and want to use it for your next project, but fear the scope is a little too complicated? Razor have been working hand in hand with our client partners for years to deliver advanced Wordpress builds that go above and beyond your average brochure site.

From custom themes, to plugins, and complex realtime API integrations, Razor have you covered.


Ready to take that niche, new application idea from concept to fruition? We're with you every step of the way. Razor have been utilising iOS and Android to help empower the vision of clients such as Samsung and Genesis, bringing their apps to life.

Razor also love to take your current, web-based applications and transform them into native applications, layering notifications, contacts, camera and payment utilities on top of your current functionality!

Razor have been pioneering the way in the technology and development space for over 15 years. We're proud of our expertise and nothing-is-impossible attitude, and excited to see how we can take your product from pipedream to production.

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