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Take advantage of our in-house, bespoke systems that track products, stock, pricing and more in real-time to bolster your online Google Shopping presence. Curated by humans, enpowered by technology, Razor can increase your sales volume and product catalog at no additional cost to yourself!

Razor boost your CSS offerings with no risk or upfront fees. We only get paid for the sales we generate!


That's how much we've generated for our CSS & affiliate partners, using our shopping comparison and Shopping CSS advertising channels with no extra work from you.


We work with over 50 retailer partners across our multi-national brands and comparisons, and we'll bring all of that learning to your product catalog.

Razor have been pioneering the way in the technology and gaming spaces for over 15 years. We're proud of our expertise, and excited to see how we can boost your sales volume and increase your ROI. Just look at who we've helped so far...

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Google Shopping CSS

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Your new in-house, third-party development team

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Product Comparison

Incremental revenue for your brand. Check out our products & processes

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